Gulbahar Group

Gulbahar Tobacco Int’l GmbH, Germany is a part of The Gulbahar Group companies. Gulbahar Tobacco GmbH, Germany is another company started at Germany for the production of Filter and Cigarettes for the European Market. Now our operation spread in different countries and regions. The company offers high quality Filter products and makes cigarette brands like Alster Nano Blue, Alster Nano Silver and Alster Nano Black.

With consumer insights driving strategy, Gulbahar Tobacco Int’l GmbH has been able to strengthen market by developing & delivering contemporary offers relevant to the changing attitudes & ambitions of the persistently growing customer. Gulbahar Tobacco Int’l GmbH are manufacturing in unique blend comprising tobacco from the best growing regions of the world. An efficient supply-chain & distribution network reaches across the nook and corner of the world.

Guiding Principles and Beliefs

Gulbahar Tobacco Int’l GmbH is running our tobacco business in a responsible manner to keep in tandem with interest of our all stakeholders. Our directorial principles and views seeks to reflect the importance of stakeholders like adult tobacco consumers, employees sister concerns and other stake holders.

Gulbahar Tobacco Int’l GmbH is dedicated to addressing the issues concerning the use of and harm related with tobacco products in an exposed and unprejudiced fashion.

Our Mission & vision

Our Vision is to achieve market leadership by transforming the Tobacco and Filter industry to achieve our business goals. We will drive the changes in the Tobacco industry by:

- Implementing innovation in different phases of our business

- Redefining the feel of smoking

- Reducing the harm of smoking by good quality product

- Being part of awareness campaign in connection with tobacco related issues